Generating a QR Code

Last updated by Shayne McCulloch on July 02, 2019 12:55

At some point, you may wish to transfer funds to a wallet from your Clic Wallet to an external address and the external address does not supply you with a compatible QR code. In order to resolve this issue, you can generate your own QR code with a few simple steps.

Example QR text string:usdc:0x22A7D6fac0Da34B8B00374a851A1495a77673E75?amount=10

The data the QR Scanning is looking for is broken down into coin:address?amount=value

For example, if you were sending Ethereum, you can use ETH as the currency, or Litecoin use LTC

The list below outlines the mappings that will work.

```javascript currency: { 'bitcoin': 'BTC', 'litecoin': 'LTC', 'dash': 'DASH', 'usdc': 'USDC', 'ethereum': 'ETH', 'btc': 'BTC', 'ltc': 'LTC', 'eth': 'ETH' } ```

In order to generate a QR Code, you can use the following website

Make sure the type Text is selected and follow the examples below



This will output the QR code that is compatible with the Clic Wallet application and allow you to easily scan.

You can also just use