Clic POS (Point of Sale)

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Clic POS

The point of sale system allows for merchants that have face to face contact with customers to accept crypto payments in a similar way to sending crypto payments online.


IOS device - iPad, iPhone, iTouch > IOS version 10+

Android device, version 4.4+

Getting started

In order to link the Clic POS with your merchant account, you will need to generate a paring code from the merchant dashboard.

Click + Add new pairing code

Within the Clic POS application you can enter the generated paring code. This will successfully link the POS application with your merchant account.

Making a sale

When opening the application after pairing you are presented with the main POS screen which allows you to enter in the amount you wish to make the sale for.

  1. You can enter the desired amount upto two decimal places.
  2. Then click the "Collect" button
  3. Select the tip amount (Optional)
  4. Click "Continue"
  5. Select Currency - Here you can select between the support currencies, the values are showing in both dollar value and equivalent crypto amount.
  6. Then select "Instant Pay" OR "Crypto"
    1. Instant pay works when the customer is using Clic Wallet which is enabled for Instant Payments.
    2. Crypto - works with any blockchain wallet.
  7. Crypto - You will now see a QR code on the screen. The customer can scan this code with there blockchain wallet installed on there mobile device.
    1. When scanning the code, the customer will be able to retrieve the address and amount to send too.
  8. Instant Payment - You will now see a QR code on the screen. The customer will open the Clic Wallet and scan the QR Code, this will instantly complete the transaction on both the POS system and the customers wallet.
  9. Next Payment - You do you need to wait for "Crypto" payments to complete before making another transaction - You will receive notifications on the screen and within the payment history with the live status of the transaction
  10. Cancel Payment - Cancelling the payment will no longer monitor for incoming payments for the generated payment. If any coins were sent, they will not be available in your payment history or merchant dashboard.

Successful payment.

If you have not clicked on the Next Payment button - once the payment is completed a successful payment screen will be displayed. If clicking on Next Payment - a push notification will notify you that the payment has been completed, you can also see the status of the payment under the Payment history tab.

Payment History

You can review payments that have been done on the paired device, when un-pairing you will loose Payment history on the device itself, all transactions no matter the source will still be available within your Merchant Dashboard under the Charges menu.

Clicking the Filters button at the top right, you can filter transactions by the following

Sort By:

  • Recent
  • Older
  • Lowest Amount
  • Highest Amount
  • From (Date) - To (Date)


  • Equivalent amount in USD
  • Successful
  • Pending
  • Expired
  • Canceled


  • ETH
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • USDC


Reports are a quick way to see total sales volumes based on a pre-set period of time. More detailed reporting can be done by logging into your Merchant Dashboard and downloading CSV exports of your transaction data.

  • Selecting “Week" / "Month" / "Year"
  • You can use the backwards and forwards buttons to scroll through weeks / months / year

Report will contain the follow

  • Sales Total Dollar Value
  • Total Number of Sales
  • Total Successful transaction


You can fill out the following details

  • Users
    • Add Remove or change users
  • Tips
    • Customize tips
  • Payment Flow
    • Customize Order ID, Selected Currency
  • Account
    • View account details, unlink POS application.


Each payment is marked with the name of the selected user.

You can add additional users to the POS application, this allows you to see who did the payment under Payment History.

You can quickly switch users via the user icon at the top right hand side of the main dashboard.


You can choose to turn on / off the tips screen, during the payment flow if you turn off TIPS, then the payment flow will skip the the tips screen.

Flat tips

When 'Flat Tips' is on, tip options for payments of less then $10 will be in rounded amounts - $1, $2 & $3 instead of percentages.

Tip amounts

To replace the standard tip percentages, choose alternatives. There is three different default percentages which you can adjust, examples 10% / 15% / 100%

Custom tips

The customer will be allowed to enter a custom tip amount.

Payment Flow

Device Email

By default the device email will default to your merchant account email, this will send payment notifications from your device email, you may wish to adjust this and have a per device email if your using multiple POS devices.

Manual Order ID

The system will automatically generate an Order ID when a transaction is created, if you wish to manually enter in an ID, you can choose to turn this option on

Live Mode

You may wish to test the system with testnet coins before using the Live system, you can switch between test and live mode.


You can select the default currencies, by default it's USD.


You can review the current version and device name.

Selecting Reset app on this device will remove all local information related to the paired device, you will no longer be able to use the POS system unless you repair the device.

This cannot be undone.