Clic Wallet

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Clic Wallet

All options that are changed within the Clic Wallet Mobile application will reflect within the Web application and all options changed within the Web interface will reflect within the mobile application.

Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is enabled by default, when logging into the Clic Wallet we will send you an email with a code in order to validate your user account.

You can enable two factor authentication using the following methods

  • Authy or Google Authenticator.
  • SMS Verification code
  • Email verification code

After initial login, fingerprint login will be available, you can select the fingerprint icon when logging in.

Generate new crypto wallet

You can generate a new wallet by clicking the green + button on the main “Wallet” screen.

This will show a screen allowing you to enter a custom Description of the wallet along with selecting the desired currency.

Current currencies

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • USDC

When Clic Wallet adds support for additional currencies, they will automatically show in this list.

Wallet Details

You can select your wallet under the “Wallets” screen

You can view the following details and actions for your selected wallet


  • Name
  • Currency
  • Balance
  • Address
  • Created


  • Send coins
  • Request Coins
  • Edit Wallet
  • Show QR Code
  • Delete wallet

Sending coins

Sending coins can be completed a number of different ways.

  • Selecting “Send coins” from the wallet details screen
  • Selecting “Send coins” “Scan QR Code” from the wallet details screen.
  • Selecting “Scan QR code” from the main menu

Scanning the QR code will read the address, amount, coin type if these details are available from the generated QR code – it will prefill the send screen with the details it’s able to capture from the scanned QR code.

Request coins

If you need to send your crypto address to someone for payment, you can easily request this via the Clic Wallet by selecting Request coins under the wallet details screen.

You can fill out the following details

  • Email
  • Amount
  • Notes

An email will be generated by the Clic Wallet system and sent to the desired email providing them with the wallet address, the requested amount to be sent and any details you add in the notes section.

Edit Wallet

If you wish to change the Name of the crypto wallet you can do so by clicking the Edit wallet button under the wallet details screen.

Show QR Code

If you are in the presence of someone who needs to send you crypto currency, you can select the Show QR code button, this option will display a QR Code for scanning that will prefill your crypto address.

Delete Wallet

We are unable to recover deleted wallets, You can only delete a wallet if the wallet is empty.

Transactions Screen

You can see both inbound and outbound transactions on the blockchain for your combined wallets on this screen

Selecting View details will take you to the full details of the transaction listing the following information.

  • To address
  • From Address
  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Type
  • Date
  • Notes (Internal use only)

Purchases (Instant Pay)

You can see all your instant pay purchases

Select the desired wallet and view the purchases you have made using the Instant Pay option with Clic Pay widget.

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Address
  • Resource (The URL where you purchased from)

Refunds (Instant Pay)

You can view all refunds that were returned to you when using an instant pay transaction via the Clic Widget.

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Address
  • Resource


Change Password, use this change your current password.


Turn on or off email notifications, actions such as logging into Clic wallet, sending coins, receiving coins will issue an email notification, notifying you of the action taken. This is helpful if someone has gained unauthorized access to your account, allowing you to see actions taken within the application, giving you the ability to act on them if required.

Two factor authentication

Email Authentication

SMS Authentication

Google Authenticator


This screen lists all logins to the Clic Wallet mobile and web application.

You can review the following details for each login

  • IP Address
  • City
  • Country
  • OS
  • Status
  • Date